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Wine is like life - it varies, full of surprises, and gets better with time. That is if you are armed with the right knowledge. Unlike life, however, wine is more predictable with the right education. And this is where Main Street Wine Racks come in.
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Proper Wine Storage

Proper wine storage is essential for anyone who wants to store a few bottles for a special occasion or amass a collection that would rival connoisseurs. However, even if you don’t plan on buying a vineyard or having an underground cellar built for your favorite beverage, it helps to know a little about proper wine storage in order to prolong the longevity of a bottle of wine. Now you don’t have to go out and purchase a professional wine storage unit for three or four bottles of wine. In fact, you can actually store wine for a good day without going through too much trouble. Here are few tips that you should keep in mind when storing bottles of wine. Be Delicate With Your Bottles This is just basic common sense since they are made of glass, but wine bottles should always be delicately handled for a number of reasons …
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The Most Expensive Bottle of Wine (We Think)

Wine is one of the most interestingly exquisite beverages available on the planet, with price ranges that can start at a couple of dollars to entire fortunes for rare bottles, you can be sure that someone wealthy with a taste for the finer things has the money to spare for something more expensive than a box of wine. The title of the most expensive belongs to a Cabernet and its price is enough to get you a car and house with a garage to park it in. It is valued at half a million dollars and its official name is the 1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet. There’s enough of it to share however with the bottle containing six liters of the luscious wine for everyone. It was sold at an auction in Napa Valley in the year 2000, and the proceeds went to charity. According to connoisseurs, it seemed to be …
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The Real Difference between Red and White Wine

If you are new to wine tasting you will probably hear of a number of terms that might seem strangely foreign to you. Moscatos, dessert wines, corking, a nose of this and that, but there is one fundamental starting point that you are probably confused about right now; the difference between reds and whites. Red Vs. White Here’s what you have to know between the two. Red wines are made with black grapes and white wines are made from white grapes. Although the two come from what was once a singular species of grape, it is said that the white grape was basically a mutation …that we have all grown to love and enjoy. The aging process is also different between the two with red wines being typical to maturity through the use of oak barrels whilst white ones are stored in vats made of stainless steel. We move on …
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Opening a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew

You are having an amazing time, the conversation is flowing and it is probably fine time for you to open a bottle of wine. However, you have a major problem, you don’t have a corkscrew anywhere near. Sadly, this has happened to the best of us, but there are a few things that you can do to get the cork to unscrew. The toolbox Get a screwdriver and a regular screw and screw it halfway into the cork, now using the back of a regular hammer, yank out the screw along with the cork. It uses the same principle of a corkscrew, and it is safer than the other alternatives in this list. House keys We know you get the principle of the house key, just try not to jam the cork into the bottle instead of carefully getting it out. Whack the bottom This might sound crazy but it …
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Parts of a Wine Glass

Ending the day with a glass of wine is always a treat, whether it be after an exquisite dinner, a great conversation, or in solitary reflection, it serves to be one of a universal alcoholic beverage of choice for many around the world. But as you swirl your drink allowing it to aerate and be captivated by the thoughts of your day, have you ever wondered what the purpose the parts of the wine glass have in serving your appetite? There are four parts to any traditional wine glass – although there is a myriad of different wine glasses to sip from depending on the type of wine that you have treated yourself to. Notably, these parts are the foot, the rim, the bowl and the stem. The rim is the part of the wine glass that we have the most intimate contact with. It helps with the experience of …
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