You are having an amazing time, the conversation is flowing and it is probably fine time for you to open a bottle of wine. However, you have a major problem, you don’t have a corkscrew anywhere near. Sadly, this has happened to the best of us, but there are a few things that you can do to get the cork to unscrew.

  • The toolbox
    Get a screwdriver and a regular screw and screw it halfway into the cork, now using the back of a regular hammer, yank out the screw along with the cork. It uses the same principle of a corkscrew, and it is safer than the other alternatives in this list.
  • House keys
    We know you get the principle of the house key, just try not to jam the cork into the bottle instead of carefully getting it out.
  • Whack the bottom
    This might sound crazy but it actually works, you’ll want to wrap the bottle in a towel and whack the bottom until the cork pops out. You could use your hand, bump the base on a wall, or for a safer approach place a book on the base and whilst you hold the base of the book and the wine bottle together, bring both down to a flat stable surface using a blunt motion.
  • Scissors
    Stick one end of the pointy bits into your cork and be careful not to cut yourself on its way out.
  • A trusty knife
    The same principle as the scissors, but this is easier if you use a serrated knife. You’ll want to apply this slowly and be sure that you are in control of a range of motion that will be applied.
  • Use a bike pump
    Please do not do this, if you decide to anyway, you probably should have stopped at your last bottle of wine. What you will want to do is take a bike pump and insert the air nozzle into the cork and pump air into the wine bottle until the air pressure causes the cork to pop out. Now we won’t tell you we tell you we advised you to do this, but it actually works. (Please don’t do this.)