Ending the day with a glass of wine is always a treat, whether it be after an exquisite dinner, a great conversation, or in solitary reflection, it serves to be one of a universal alcoholic beverage of choice for many around the world.

But as you swirl your drink allowing it to aerate and be captivated by the thoughts of your day, have you ever wondered what the purpose the parts of the wine glass have in serving your appetite?

There are four parts to any traditional wine glass – although there is a myriad of different wine glasses to sip from depending on the type of wine that you have treated yourself to. Notably, these parts are the foot, the rim, the bowl and the stem.

The rim is the part of the wine glass that we have the most intimate contact with. It helps with the experience of sipping the wine. You have to note that thinner rims mean less inhibition of the wine to your palette, less expensive wine glasses usually have rims that are rolled which can be distracting from the overall experience.

The bowl is where most glasses differ depending on the wine, some wines require glasses with larger bowls as it provides more surface area for the wine to aerate and breathe. The larger bowl also allows for an easier experience for you to enjoy the notes of the wine through your nose. Wine glasses for carbonated wines have a smaller surface area so that the wine won’t lose its carbonation too quickly

Moving towards the bottom we find the stem where you usually handle the wine. It serves two purposes, one is to prevent the heat from your hand being transferred to the wine, and the second is that it retains the smudges from your fingers that could be distracting to the experience if they were on the bowl for example.

The foot is pretty much self-explanatory, it keeps the glass standing on its surface and it also provides a good grip should you decide to swirl your wine on the table and use it as a grip. This allows the wine to be agitated and the aromas to be released.

So there you have it, your seemingly simple glassware holds many purposes in wine tasting and appreciation. The next time you pour yourself another glass, give your glass the appreciation it deserves.