Proper wine storage is essential for anyone who wants to store a few bottles for a special occasion or amass a collection that would rival connoisseurs. However, even if you don’t plan on buying a vineyard or having an underground cellar built for your favorite beverage, it helps to know a little about proper wine storage in order to prolong the longevity of a bottle of wine.

Now you don’t have to go out and purchase a professional wine storage unit for three or four bottles of wine. In fact, you can actually store wine for a good day without going through too much trouble.

Here are few tips that you should keep in mind when storing bottles of wine.

  • Be Delicate With Your Bottles
    This is just basic common sense since they are made of glass, but wine bottles should always be delicately handled for a number of reasons. Shaking the wine or having it shaken by vibrations can mess up the settling in sediments and chemical reactions could occur that will disrupt the taste. Another thing that you will have to note is that wine does not like extremes, do not expose your wines to a drastic change in temperature as this will disrupt taste and mess with the beloved cork protecting it.
  • Upright is Not The Right Way
    Ever wondered why most people store their bottles sideways? Wine usually came corked and storing a bottle sideways prevented the cork from drying out and exposing the fine to liquid to air causing premature oxidation. It is usually a good idea to store wine bottles sideways unless of course, it came with other closures such as plastic corks or screw caps then you would be able to store it upright. Having wine sideways is a space saver and you have to admit looks great displayed so.
  • The Right Light
    Keep your bottles away from the sun because ultraviolet rays can damage the wine. Tinted wine bottles are usually the norm in order to keep wines protected to a certain degree, but if you are looking at preserving the wine you should think of keeping the bottles in the relative dark. Sometimes wine won’t be damaged by an excess of household light but you could have your labels in disarray. (Imagine not being able to determine what wine you’re stored.)
  • Humidity Matters
    We talked about keeping the cork moist by keeping the bottle sideways and you have to note that humidity also helps the rest of the cork. So keep humidity in mind.
  • Temperature Matters More
    You can keep a bottle of wine in the fridge but you should not keep it in there for too long, it dries out corks, and allowing it to freeze is a big no-no. Too much heat can also “cook” your wine as an excess of heat is one of the biggest wine killers. You will want to keep your bottles roughly around 55 ° F for best results.

So there you have it, a couple of wine tips that should allow you to keep your prized bottle of wines in storage for many years to come. (Unless you get thirsty for a bottle during a great conversation.) Remember to handle these bottles with the care that they deserve.