Wine is one of the most interestingly exquisite beverages available on the planet, with price ranges that can start at a couple of dollars to entire fortunes for rare bottles, you can be sure that someone wealthy with a taste for the finer things has the money to spare for something more expensive than a box of wine.

The title of the most expensive belongs to a Cabernet and its price is enough to get you a car and house with a garage to park it in. It is valued at half a million dollars and its official name is the 1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet. There’s enough of it to share however with the bottle containing six liters of the luscious wine for everyone.

It was sold at an auction in Napa Valley in the year 2000, and the proceeds went to charity. According to connoisseurs, it seemed to be worth it with a nose of blackcurrants and oak, a great full body and exceptional purity.

However, the 1992 Screaming Eagle isn’t the only wine to be featured with the $500,000 price tag as an insured bottle of the Chateau Margaux that once belonged to Thomas Jefferson’s wine collection was also sold at with this immense price tag.

Unfortunately, during a Margaux Dinner, the bottle was accidentally knocked over, shattering it to pieces, by a waiter. Since it was insured, we are assuming that not a lot of heads rolled that day as the owner still got around half its price with the insurer paying $225,000.

Special Mention
Thomas Jefferson was not only the third president but a good wine collector whose collection seemed to be worth a fortune. Malcolm Forbes bought a bottle of Chateau Lafite 1787 that set him back $160,000. At prices like these, it makes you wonder if there’s a more expensive bottle lurking somewhere out there.